Wow! There are just no words right now.  I’m livid regarding my cell phone carrier.  Sigh!  My hubby bought me a Touch Screen for Christmas just last year so a little over three months ago.  The thing has given me nothing but issues this whole time.  They’ve sent me two replacement phones to resolve the issues and this hasn’t worked either.  So after yet another long conversation with tech support, they agreed to comp me a phone which is worth more monetarily but has the same features.  Ok, maybe now we’re getting some where.  Not really.  I was suposed to receive the phone last Monday a week ago…and wouldn’t you know it, they sent it to the wrong  address.  Really! And not just any wrong address, an address I lived at over three years ago.  Now you’d think that after they had my correct address on file since I was able to receive the two replacement phones previous to this, that there wouldn’t be an address issue.  Again-sigh. I’m so through!  I’ve all but lost my temper with them.  The only thing holding me back is I’d regret cursing them out once I’d finished.  I usually try and handle my business professionally… So now, I’m still waiting…an additional two to three days, or more, who knows?????

But on a positive note: The rest of my world is finally in order after some serious rehashing which relieved a river of pent up stress, frustration and resentment.  So what do they say…count your blessings. 🙂

Have a good day all!



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Love writing, singing and going to church. (Really)
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