Saddled by Woman Hood

Whooo, I’m just at the end of this slippery rope, mind you.  Living under the precious guide lines of the Bible, which I don’t mind…however, why do men…professed Godly men, believe that being the “head of the home” means that every want and whim they possess should be adhered to with out fail?  All the way down to the way their bread is buttered, or the direction in which to fold a towel, when and how often a woman should speak…To me this isn’t leading your home, it’s residing as dictator over it.  I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I do know enough that the scripture states the man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church.  And last I checked, God doesn’t care how one folds clothes.  Love is an action word, not so much that fuzzy emotion that clouds our vision when we meet that “perfect” some one we just know we’ll spend the rest of our lives with.  Love has to do with forgiveness, patience, understanding, acceptance, and reality.  Reality is this:  in marriage there are two different people coming together with different back rounds, different likes and dis likes, and different opinions, preferences and out looks on life in general.  These differences should be embraced, not erased.  If a man wants to control every facet of his wife, why not have married a robot instead.    Marriage can not work as God intended when one party is trying with everything in them to rule over the other.  Marriage is a partnership.  Sometimes the man takes the lead and other times the woman, while staying with in the realm of God’s prescribed roles for us.

Seriously people, a little study goes along way.  A house divided can not stand.  Neither can a marriage.

-Have a gracious day.-

-Be kind to everyone, everyone is having a tough time.-



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